Organic burger

Organic vegetables contaminated with ‘harmful pathogenic bacteria’

Organic vegetables are often contaminated with harmful bacteria that cause disease, a new study warns. According to scientists, people who buy products that have been treated with organic fertilizers such as manure may regret their choice. More than 50 species of potentially harmful bacteria have been found on samples of organic spinach and lettuce. Organic […]

Hamburger restaurant

Best of the Beach 2022: Burger Restaurant, Hamburger (Fast Food), First Date, Fish and Chips

burger restaurant Ercolès 1101 There are a few similarities between our winner for the fast food burger and the restaurant burger, mainly that both come from places that do almost nothing else. Ercole’s burgers are made with fresh meat from the butcher next door and topped with lettuce and tomato, like In-N-Out. One difference is […]