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Bank of America Balance Assist Lender Review

Bank of America’s Balance Assist program can provide small, short-term loans to bank customers for a flat fee. The program, created in part to help customers avoid high-interest payday loans, is expected to be available nationwide in early 2022. Best Features Access the money almost instantly if you are approved. Pay a single $5 fee […]

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Get the facts on sustainable meat and plant-based burger choices

* Affiliate disclosure. Before, making a choice of hamburger at a summer barbecue was easy: either go for a beef patty or bring your own frozen veggie burger. Fortunately, that has all changed: the hamburger choices on the market today seem endless. That said, more choice means more responsibility. It may seem harder than ever […]

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HBCU alumnus Nicholas Perkins buys burger restaurant chain Fuddruckers

Nicholas Perkins (Image source: Instagram – @ nmperkins99) Nicholas Perkins, a black businessman and HBCU graduate, recently acquired the Fuddruckers burger franchise for an estimated $ 18.5 million. The deal makes him the largest franchise owner and the first African-American to own an entire national burger chain. Perkins’ Black Titan Franchise Systems LLC reached an […]

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Organic Mediterranean food to take away to an unlikely place – Marin Independent Journal

The Mt. Tam Racquet Club in Larkspur might not be the first place you would think of for an organic Mediterranean meal, but La Meza Mediterranean Fusion Grill now has a full menu for pickup and delivery in the newly refurbished kitchen of the club. Chef Johne Abraham is behind a menu influenced by family […]

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Are Mixed Burgers Better Than Plant Based Meat?

Earlier this year, food tech startup The Better Meat Co. announced $ 8.1 million in seed funding. The company, founded by longtime vegan animal rights activist Paul Shapiro, supplies plant-based protein to traditional meat producers. The concept is simple: take meat as we know it historically – beef, chicken, pork, fish, etc. – and mix […]

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FDA Says Proprietary Ingredient in Impossible Burger Safe

Image maintenance of Impossible Foods The FDA officially recognized soy leghemoglobin as safe on Monday. Plant-based protein is the essential ingredient that allows Bay Area startup Impossible Foods’ plant-based Impossible Burger to “bleed”, just like a beef burger. “Obviously we would have liked it to happen a lot faster. “ Soybean leghemoglobin is a soy-derived […]

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CKE Restaurants Sets 2015 Quick-Service Burger Restaurant Record for Net Drive-Thru Store Openings

CARPINTERIA, Calif .– (COMMERCIAL THREAD) – CKE Restaurants Holdings, Inc. (“CKE”) is proud to announce that its Carl’s Jr.® and Hardee’s® chains, which operate as a single brand under two names, generated the largest net increase in locations in United States among all stand-alone burgers. drive-through restaurant chains in calendar year 2015, according to Restaurant […]

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McDonald’s Organic Burger debuts in Germany, but will it be a success?

McDonald’s iconic “golden arches” have been an international icon of American junk food for decades. With its fatty burgers and savory fries, the burger chain has become the perfect example of what fast food restaurants once aimed to be: quick, cheap and predictable, but not necessarily healthy. However, changing consumer tastes and demand for healthier […]

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McDonald’s to start serving organic burgers soon

As McDonald’s sales have plummeted, it appears the brand has turned to customer demands to reinvigorate the brand, such as bringing back all-day breakfast by popular demand and severing ties with an abusive chicken supplier. in response to complaints. Today, the fast food chain is rolling out an entirely organic burger. But you will have […]