Organic burger

First taste: Arbor’s organic double burgers and curly fries are ready to go

In a city full of destination restaurants (at least they used being pre-shelter-in-place destinations), the true locals-only neighborhood gems started to feel fewer and fewer. In Hayes Valley, Arlequin Wine Merchant and sister Arlequin Cafe have long checked that box, but when the cafe closed last summer, it gave way to something new to fill […]

Hamburger recipe

Chef Viraf Patel d’Olive’s No-Fill Hamburger Recipe

This is by far one of the best ways to make a burger patty. Instead of piling on herbs and garlic, it only uses salt to let the flavor of the meat shine through. I highly recommend it to anyone who grinds meat themselves. More 15 minutes of preparation Ingredients 200 g tenderloin A generous […]