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Apple’s embrace of the ellipse menu, born hamburger menu – OSnews

As I explore iOS 13 to write the brand new Take control of iOS 13 and iPadOS 13, I became concerned with what seems to be an increasingly common pattern in iOS software design. What ultimately prompted me to write this article was documenting the Apple Card UI in Wallet, as I found myself typing the same character over and over again …

It’s true, I’m talking about the increasingly ubiquitous suspension buttons ••• in iOS (technically, we usually render a UI ellipse in the running text as three bullets to make them easier to see).

At WWDC 2014, Apple cursed the hamburger menu, and since then, it’s been very popular in Apple developer circles to poke fun at the hamburger menu. I guess Apple’s major and magical innovation of replacing the three lines with three dots was enough to get the company to embrace the concept completely.

Of course, Apple has no taste and has no idea how to design good UIs these days, so they made it worse by using the button all over in weird places and making it look different. things in different places, but we’ll let slip.

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