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Best burger restaurant in Biloxi MS: Burger Burger

If Biloxi has an iconic burger joint, it must be Burger Burger on Howard Avenue.

It has been around for many years, 75 to be exact. It changed location once and made adjustments to the menu, but many Biloxians still think it’s the best burger around.

Burger Burger describes itself as: “Cook your grandmothers, seafood and of course a wide range of burgers while sitting in a unique museum of Biloxi nostalgia.

There are nine burgers on the menu, and they all look good. The Smoke House burger is always a hit. It’s topped with three cheeses, bacon and barbecue sauce and many people call it the best burger they’ve ever had. The Godfather burger also gets high scores. It’s made with chopped chuck, Italian sausage, and seasoned with mayonnaise, tomatoes, pickles, onions, and Provolone cheese.

But the star of this menu is the Burger Burger. It’s made with chopped chuck patties, cooked on the flat top and marinated in garlic and black pepper seasoning and served on a po-boy bun (the bun comes from Gendusa Bakery in New Orleans).

Burger Burger po-boy.jpg
The famous Burger Burger sandwich with a secret sauce at Burger Burger in Biloxi. Julien Brunt Special for the Sun Herald

The burger is topped with a homemade sauce (you’ll never have the secret recipe) and served with chopped onions and yellow mustard. This burger is huge, most people only order a half, but it’s still at least 10 inches long. The complete burger could easily feed four people.

There are five entrees to choose from, with Disco Fries being the main attraction. It’s a plate of fries topped with Burger-Burger sauce, chopped onions and cheddar cheese. It’s big enough to be a main course and could easily be a side dish for two people.

Burger Burger also offers seven po-boys to choose from, two sandwiches, a chicken salad croissant and a buffalo chicken on a bun.

There is also a dish of the day. The day I visited it was a two sided fried pork chop.

All the food is good at Burger Burger, but the fried green tomatoes and fried onion rings were simply the best I’ve had in a very long time. They were crispy and so tasty. Next time maybe I’ll make it a meal and skip the burger all together. There is also a daily homemade dessert not to be missed.

Burger Burger is a Biloxi tradition, and it’s lasted as long as it has because it’s so good. I will vote the burger burger the best burger ever!

Burger Burger.JPG
Burger Burger on Howard Avenue in Biloxi. Julien Brunt Special for the Sun Herald

This story was originally published July 15, 2022 8:00 a.m.