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Charlotte’s Iconic Burger Restaurant Raises Prices Amid Rising Costs

CHARLOTTE, NC (WBTV) – As inflation prices continue to impact food items, a Charlotte staple must adjust its prices.

Brooks’ Sandwich House has served the Queen City since 1973.

Since this week, they have had to increase the prices of the menus. Owner David Brooks says there is a need to stay open during this time of inflation.

“The shortage is so bad now that I probably spend an extra 50 miles a day in my truck trying to find our products. I’m grateful to know people who I can count on to get my business, ”said Brooks. “It’s just staying on top of the curve, that’s all. Go to the grocery store, see what a pound of hamburger is. See what a beef hot dog is. This will tell you there that we are staying just above the cut line.

This cutting line continues to impact businesses large and small.

“For example, cooking oil has increased by almost 150% and the gloves we wear have increased by 125%. Now the meat prices and all that, yes they’ve gone up but at least they’ve stabilized to a point, you know, where I don’t have to worry so much about how much I had to pay but the less I can find the product, ”Brooks said.

Since the menu prices changed, Brooks says customers have supported them.

“I want them to be a part of this and know what’s going on. They just welcomed with open arms, ”he said.

These open arms kept her family alive, even when tragedy struck almost two years ago. David’s brother and co-owner Scott was murdered in an attempted robbery.

“We had a vigil here. And there were over 300 people in that parking lot alone. And just people from nowhere who knew who I was and just wanted to support my family. And you know, it helped me with my soul-searching and that’s what just kept us alive so far and still is. So you know, I’m here to stay a while, ”he added.

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