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Chipotle’s new burger restaurant (CMG) is absolutely ridiculous in a way

Editor’s Choice: Originally published October 31.

Where’s the fried chicken sandwich and the sweet potato fries, Steve Ells?

This is what some of the early patrons fought Chipotle (GCM) – Get the report from Chipotle Mexican Grill, Inc. Tasty Made’s new burger concept might have been wondered by ordering when the concept officially opened last week.

The restaurant only has three burger options on the menu – a burger, a cheeseburger, and a specialty burger called the Tasty Made. As for the sides, there are only fries, while the shake options are four in total. The menu is completed with typical sodas from Coca Cola (KO) – Get the Coca-Cola Company Report , which is odd in the sense that the concept emphasizes a “best for you” Chipotle image by grilling beef without antibiotics. What high fructose corn syrup?

So there are no homemade colas that substitute high fructose corn syrup for organic cane sugar, no interesting shakes, and no Shake Shack (CHAK) – Get the Class A report from Shake Shack, Inc. like the chicken sandwich made with the help of well-known local chefs. And judging from the menu image below, there’s no burger available with bacon slices – the Tasty Made burger has something called “bacon sauce”.

It looks like Ells – who is a classically trained chef – decided to open up a 1950s style. Mcdonalds (MCD) – Get the McDonald’s Corporation report in 2016, one with natural ingredients but nothing to shake up a much more competitive burger game. Hey, what’s best for a foodie to snap a photo for use on Instagram: a Tasty Made Burger or a SmokeShack Shake Shack that features cherry peppers and applewood smoked bacon. .

Overall, Mr. Ells quite disappointing (and some diners seem to agree looking at the tweets below).

Still, Ells keeping Tasty Made’s menu extremely limited shouldn’t come as a shock.

Historically, Chipotle has been reluctant to make changes to its menu for fear of disturbing customers and slowing busy lines. In fact, it’s only added two new foods to its menu – sofritas in 2014 and chorizo ​​in late June – in its 23-year history.

This contrasts sharply with many fast food companies such as
Mcdonalds (MCD) – Get the McDonald’s Corporation report and
Miam brands
(YUM) – Get Yum! Report from Brands, Inc. Taco Bell which regularly presents new items to generate publicity and buzz.

Chipotle has added new drinks from time to time, however. In April 2013, Chipotle launched the margaritas with Patrón Silver tequila, a more expensive offering than its “homemade” version. And most recently, the company launched a new craft beverage program in its home market in Denver, Colorado. He also started testing two unnamed desserts.

“Since we opened the first Chipotle 23 years ago, our menu has changed very little and we are focused on constantly improving the quality and taste of the food we serve,” Ells said in June during announcing the launch of chorizo, adding, “While we have never objected to changing our menu, we only do so when we believe that there is something possible to add that is truly unique but that s ‘fits into our overall menu and where we can find ingredients that meet our high standards. ”

Chicken Sandwich Mr. Ells, Tasty Made needs it.