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Dave Lobeck: The Stuffed Burger Recipe Turned Heads | Lifestyles

This stuffed burger recipe was really fun to make and everyone loved it. Let me explain how this stuffed burger recipe was tested here at my home.

I was in the mood to do something on the grill that was totally different and completely “off the wall”. My main concern was my wife. She’s not as carnivorous as I am. Do not mistake yourself. She loves a good steak or pulled pork sandwich as well as anyone, but this dish borders on the chaos of meat, so I decided to do the honorable thing and not tell her what’s in it. had dinner when she asked. Sorry, a grill artist can’t be bothered by such details when planning a carnivorous masterpiece.

I then texted my son and told him we would have a real treat for dinner that night. He texted me back and came closer than he thought to try to guess the dish. “Is that a steak wrapped in steak?” For a moment, I thought he had some sort of ESP. Let’s move on to the recipe for this stuffed burger.

Stuffed Burger Recipe aka “Pork in a Galette”

Basically it’s a seasoned pork and beef patty wrapped around a premium hot dog with mozzarella cheese. It’s grilled and then served on a large hot dog bun, the kind you use for a brat or sausage. It could have been one of the most popular grilled dishes I have made, especially with the kids. My wife even liked it, the meat chaos and everything. This recipe is good for 6 hot dogs.


6 high-end hot dogs

1 packet of mozzarella cheese on a string

Pork and Beef Mix

1 lb ground beef

1/2 lb ground pork

1/3 cup chopped onion

2 tbsp. of your favorite steak

2 tbsp. Worcestershire sauce

1 tbsp. spicy mustard

1 tbsp. crushed garlic

1 C. salt

1 C. black pepper


Mix these ingredients well until everything is completely incorporated. Now cut six pieces of cling film. Take 1 / 6th of the beef and pork mixture and spread it on one of the pieces of cling film. It should be long and wide enough to completely cover the hot dog, and its thickness should not exceed ½ inch.

Place the hot dog in the middle of the patty and place the string mozzarella cheese next to the hot dog. Now pull the edges of the cling film so that the meat completely covers the hot dog. Form the meat firmly around the hot dog and seal the cling film tightly around the meat. Place them in the refrigerator for about an hour, allowing them to firm up a bit.

Grill on your kettle grill using indirect heat for 20 to 30 minutes. If using gas, do not grill directly on a burner. Then finish over direct heat, drizzling with your favorite barbecue sauce. Serve on a grilled sausage bun and enjoy. Any beer or wine is suitable for this dish!