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Google Play Store is testing the removal of the hamburger side menu

Google is no stranger to making tweaks and changes to its most popular apps and services, especially in the form of A / B testing. The latest appears to be a UI test on the Google Play Store that essentially removes the tried and true side burger menu navigation method.

We’ve seen plenty of apps developed by Google forgo the side burger menu in recent months, like Google Maps and even Google Pay, in favor of easier-to-reach lower navigation bars. This latest UI test, however, does away with the hamburger sidebar menu on the Google Play Store in favor of an extended floating window that requires you to tap your profile icon to access it.

It sounds complicated at first, but it cleans up the main interface when using the Play Store. He was originally spotted by the team at Android Police, and might just be a quick UI test to figure out what’s the best option for a layout focused on gesture navigation. The swipe back gesture has been a real scarecrow since the introduction of the navigation method in Android 10.

This potential new floating UI would be a solid solution to the accidental shutdowns that come with fully gesture navigation in Android 10 and beyond. When you tap on your profile avatar, the float menu for most people includes an account switcher, but as you can see below that UI includes the side burger menu options:

It is not clear if we will revisit this or if the option will be rolled out more widely. Given that tabbed and bottom navigation bar interfaces have increased in recent years – with a move away from side-mounted hamburger menus – it would make sense for the Google Play Store to stay on par with the rest of Android’s app offerings. Google.

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