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Local, organic burger / milkshake bar is coming to Northside

Tickle Pickle burgers-and-milkshake cafe and restaurant business will open in Northside later this summer. Originally, owner Sarah Cole had considered moving her other catering business, Sarelli’s Catering, from Newport to Northside, but when she purchased the building at 4176 Hamilton Ave., she decided to start a new business instead. .

“I grew up in Clifton, but moved to northern Kentucky when my kids started school,” Cole says. “As soon as I saw a chance to buy something in Northside and be in Cincinnati again, I jumped at the chance. We come to Clifton all the time and want my kids to experience the beautiful diversity (in the city of Cincinnati) that Northern Kentucky doesn’t always have.

Tickle Pickle will be a fast, casual restaurant offering organic milkshakes that meet dietary restrictions, including gluten-free and vegans. And Cole tries to keep his food as local as possible.

“At Sarelli, we really love organic and non-GMO food and are mindful of what we put in our bodies,” she says. “We try to buy local, but most of the time companies can’t supply enough to support Sarelli. But Tickle Pickle will have a smaller menu, and it will be a lot easier to do here.

Organic milk will come from Snowville Creamery, Chicken from Gerber Honest Hatchery Chicken Farms, Preservative Free Pretzel Buns from Hot Bretzel in Northern Kentucky, and Vegan and Whole Wheat Buns from Sixteen Bricks Bread. Cole works with Tiny Footprint Distribution, which is the wholesale side of Green BEAN Delivery, and Findlay Market as well as Northside Meat.

“I want to donate my money to Northside and the surrounding neighborhoods, keeping the food as local as possible and as organic as possible,” she says.

The 2,000 square foot space was already equipped with a kitchen, but Cole is renovating the dining room and the front of the building. She is working with the American Sign Museum to create a stunning Tickle Pickle sign and plans to use reclaimed wood and recyclable items in the remodel.

The restaurant side of Tickle Pickle will open on June 8. The restaurant can accommodate business lunches and meetings for groups of 15 or more.

Tickle Pickle is also recruiting, so if you’re interested, send your resume to [email protected].

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