Organic burger

McDonald’s to start serving organic burgers soon

As McDonald’s sales have plummeted, it appears the brand has turned to customer demands to reinvigorate the brand, such as bringing back all-day breakfast by popular demand and severing ties with an abusive chicken supplier. in response to complaints. Today, the fast food chain is rolling out an entirely organic burger. But you will have to be in Germany to get your hands on it.

The first of its kind for the chain, this organic burger will only be served from October 1 to November 18. McDonald’s calls it the “McB” burger, which is made with organic beef straight from farms in Germany and Austria. Reuters reports that in Germany this “certified organic” label means that the meat is derived from cattle that eat organically grown food and / or graze on pastures not treated with chemical fertilizers and pesticides.

Wondering why the brand chose Duetschland for this trendy limited edition burger? Apparently, this is the company’s largest European market, with quarterly sales increasing. Unsurprisingly, an American spokesperson for the brand declined to say whether this organic pancake will make it to the United States, or even other markets. So don’t get too excited just yet. Also, we still don’t know if buying organic products is actually better than conventional.

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