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Office building to replace the iconic location of the Boise burger restaurant

A building on West Fairview Avenue that had served as a restaurant since 1957 was demolished Friday to make way for an office building.

The building, located just east of North Orchard Street in Boise, has struggled to attract customers in recent years. The eastbound lane from Fairview ends a few hundred yards east of the old restaurant, so most of the car traffic came from downtown Boise. A road divider also prevents eastbound cars from turning left into the property.

Arctic Circle opened at this location in 1957 and operated for several decades. Later, several other burger restaurants made the rounds: Cruz-In, Rockies, Robbie’s Drive-In. The last restaurant was the SkyVue Grill, which closed in October 2015 after only 13 months of activity.

SkyVue’s neon sign and several outdoor tables were the only reminder of the location’s history last Friday morning as a demolition crew worked to remove the overturned structure.

The current owners of the property, C4 Lease, plan to build a 5,900 square foot business park, according to plans submitted to the Town of Boise. Plans call for four separate offices in the one-story building on the 0.34 acre site.

“I was forced to continue this project or face the consequences of yet another paved parking lot turning into a used car sales business,” wrote Jim Conger, managing member of the Conger Management Group, in a statement. letter to Director of Planning, Hal Simmons.

The Conger group also has an additional commercial space north of the old restaurant.

This story was originally published March 31, 2017 13:24.

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