Organic burger

Organic burger chain Bareburger will expand to Boston

bareburgera New York-based “organic burger restaurant micro-chain” with a slightly creepy name, is expanding to Boston, reports Boston Restaurant Talkciting an article in Ohio Columbus Expedition. Existing locations are in New York, New Jersey, Connecticut and only one in Columbus, and the restaurant’s website also names Philadelphia, DC, Chicago, Santa Monica, Toronto and even Berlin for future expansion. The Boston outpost is expected to open this summer.

The bulk of the menu is made up of burger styles (“classic,” for example, includes Garlic Dill Pickle Crisps, Sweet Apple Grilled Onions, and Ketchup) for which diners choose a protein and a bread. Protein options get interesting with wild boar, elk, bison, and ostrich, and there are simpler options as well, including those suitable for vegans, vegetarians, or those on a gluten-free diet. The “bread” includes a tapioca rice bun, a bed of green lettuce, a wrap, and other standard breads. There are also sandwiches, salads and sides (onion rings, fries, etc.), ice cream sandwiches and milkshakes, breakfasts and a full range of beers, wines and cocktails.
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