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Tyler1 and Faker Visit Famous Las Vegas Burger Restaurant and Order 20,000 Calorie Meal

South Korean League of Legends The eSports organization, SK Telecom T1, uploaded a lightweight video on Jan.21 of Tyler1 and Faker coming out in Las Vegas. The duo visited the Heart Attack Grill in downtown Las Vegas to test how they’ll fare against the calories from fatty foods.

The famous American burger restaurant was founded 15 years ago on the theme of advertising unhealthy food. The menu includes some of the highest levels of fat, sugar and cholesterol that cause a heart attack. Customers wear hospital gowns when eating and are served by waitresses dressed as nurses. Continuing the hospital call, the restaurant also serves wine in an IV bag. For people like Tyler1, the food chain rumor is perfect for fun.

After the popular streamer and pro gamer put on their dresses, they were greeted by the waiter and informed them that the food was nothing green. “We don’t have anything green; no lettuce, no pickles, ”says nurse Ricky. She also announces to visitors that if there is any food left, the punishment will be spanking. The 24-year-old League of Legends streamer then asks Ricky if it’s legal. She replies: “Not really, but we’re trying. “

Tyler, of course, orders the biggest burger Heart Attack Grill has to offer, the Eightfold Bypass Burger and the Chocolate Brownie with extra butter. Faker, on the other hand, isn’t ready to compete with the streamer. He first orders a single burger, but after Tyler convinces him, he doubles his meal.

When Tyler’s shake arrived, he saw how the chocolates were stacked with butter and spat out the words, “I’m going to die.” In the meantime, the two MDR personalities have talked about their favorite food. The 23-year-old esports player reveals it’s the Korean chicken. Tyler comically invites Faker on a date to try his Korean cuisine, which the latter graciously declined.

Nurse Ricky returns to their table, holding the 20,000 calorie meal ordered by Tyler. The couple ate as much as they could from their burger, but Tyler’s burger is way too big. The waiter returns to the scene and informs Tyler that it’s time for his “surgery,” referring to the punishment if the burger hasn’t been eaten. In the restaurant, there is a waiting bar that the victim can hang on to. “Don’t try too hard,” the Internet personality told Ricky. The latter suggests that it will be three hard spankings.

In front of everyone in the restaurant and Faker filming, Tyler takes the first shot and says, “Okay, let’s stop one day. I have to go. ”In his defense, the waiter didn’t hold back and the whole restaurant went“ oh. ”After two more spanks, Nurse Ricky asks for a hug as an apology.

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