Hamburger menu

What is the hamburger menu? The new icon is aptly named!

Rather than using words like “profile”, “menu” and “homepage” to navigate to different parts of a website or application, they often use symbols. It saves a lot of space and also makes it much nicer.

Usually, we don’t really pay attention to symbols, gradually becoming completely oblivious to them as we train our minds to know exactly what they mean.

But one symbol has always stood out because it’s associated with a strange image: the Hamburger menu.

Named so because it looks a bit like a hamburger, the symbol can be found on Facebook and some other social media sites. And the name just stuck!

What is Facebook’s burger menu?

The term “Hamburger Menu” refers to the little three-line icon found on Facebook that symbolizes the main menu.

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Rather than using words, apps and websites often use symbols instead of a specific term to save space and make it more appealing.

The three overlapping lines are universally known as the menu icon, and when you click on them, you will be taken to a number of different options or categories.

Where’s the Hamburger menu on Facebook?

On the Facebook app, the Hamburger menu is located at the bottom right of the page. It’s one of six icons at the bottom of your screen. Others include a house, a store, a person, a group of people, and a bell. Each symbol will take you to a different part of the Facebook app.

If you want to find the Hamburger menu on a desktop computer then you are out of luck because there is currently no Hamburger menu. While Facebook always updates its layout, it may reappear one day.

Why is it called the Hamburger menu?

The Hamburger menu has been nicknamed this weird term simply because of the way it looks.

Internet users thought the symbol looked like a hamburger because it is three overlapping lines, similar to a hamburger inside a hamburger bun.

Since then the name has stuck and it has become universally known as the Hamburger Menu!

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